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Tenant Improvement Services

Tenant improvements (TI’s) are integral to successful business space rentals. TI’s are the customized alterations a building owner makes to rental space as part of a lease agreement to configure the space to the unique needs of that particular tenant.

Our expert team at Blue Collar Electric has years of experience with tenant improvement services. We have successfully renovated a variety of tenant electrical systems from real estate to restaurants to industrial operations to computer companies. Our team understands tight business schedules, scheduling improvements for off hours, and having the workplace ready for business before opening.

Whether renovating an existing space or taking over a new, unfinished space, we can help you plan for your electrical requirements and install a plan tailored to your specific business.

Typically, the facility owner or landlord will pay for the commercial leasehold improvements with a tenant (leaseholder) improvement allowance. This is to attract interest in their properties from different businesses.  If the desired renovations exceed the allowance, the tenant usually pays the difference, although some landlords are flexible and will work out the discrepancies. The landlord will be less likely to incur the added cost if the commercial real estate market is strong. If the market weakens, the tenant (or potential tenant) has more negotiating leverage. Either way, any tenant betterment renovation costs exceeding the allotted allowance should be discussed with the landlord.

At Blue Collar Electric, we are a commercial electrical contractor that offers you the very best when it comes to tenant improvement projects:

  • We will help you with your renovation plans
  • We will help you work to your budget and provide a firm quotation
  • For existing tenants, we work around your schedule and have your business ready when you open

We would love to help you achieve your dream. Call our highly qualified professionals, and we will handle all the details.

Why Blue Collar Electric?

Our friendly team of professionals has extensive experience with tenant improvements, and we will help you realize your renovation dream. Our licensed electricians are among Canada’s most reliable electrical contractors. For more than 16 years, we have taken pride in delivering the best electrical solutions to Edmonton, Alberta, Montreal, Quebec, and the surrounding areas.

 Please schedule a consultation today for tenant improvements or our wide variety of services.