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Commercial Door Security Wiring

Most commercial buildings have electromechanical locks wired to a control console and require electricity to gain access or remotely open doors. This security feature allows employees and customers to gain entry with a keypad, key fob, or card access. Smartphone apps may even be used with some locks.

Blue Collar Electric has a team of commercial electricians experienced in electrical door systems available 24×7. We are here for you and your business, from new wiring to servicing the electromechanical door locks.

Electric latch retraction is a function standard with fire exit doors. The lock latch moves into place when power is lost and secures the door. Emergency “panic” hardware still ensures safe egress from the inside, and these devices are always “fail-secure.” Fail-secure means that if the power is temporarily interrupted or fails, the door remains locked and the building is secured. “Fail-Safe” means that the locks will unlock when the power fails, and the door also opens from outside.

Fail-secure locks are typically used for computer rooms or other sensitive areas. These doors are usually used with a mechanical override, such as a regular key. Fail-secure locks are used for stairway doors or other fire-related doors. Keycode, key FOB, and access card systems provide a higher level of security. Employees are issued personally-identifiable numbers to access restricted areas. Periodic updates for key FOB systems automatically update codes to enhance security. Electronic access cards are similarly very secure and provide instant access to authorized areas.

Key Fob Systems and Card Access offer several benefits, including:

  • Ease of Use
  • Enhanced Control
  • Improved Security
  • No Lost Keys
  • Low Maintenance

If you are looking for ways to eliminate the flawed traditional key-and-lock system, card and key FOB systems may be best for your business.

Protecting your business is essential to success. Guaranteeing that your employees can easily access your facilities while keeping intruders out is imperative to business security. We understand and are trained to help wire and install door security systems.

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