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Are you looking to upgrade your residential security beyond the traditional lock and key? Residential control systems allow automated access to residences, multi-family complexes, and private communities. These control systems are installed at entrances, gates, and doors throughout the facility for security and convenient access.
Protecting your residence is vital to the safety and security of your tenants or family. The team of licensed professionals has installed and maintained control systems for years and understands the intricacies to ensure that your property is safe and secure. Give us a call, and let us earn your business.

Control systems typically include the following components:

  • Control Panel – A control panel stores data for people with authorized access including their level of access. Newer systems store this data in the cloud.
  • Access Credentials – Access credentials may be in the form of keys, codes, key fobs, access cards or fingerprints to gain entry.
  • Credential Scanner – These scanners control access to entryways, whether the front gate, doors, parking, gymnasiums, swimming pool, laundry rooms, or private park access.
  • Door Release Mechanism – The door release mechanism is an electromechanical device that unlocks the door so residents, visitors, and staff can enter after scanning their access credentials

Several types of residential access control systems exist for multi-family residences and homes. These include:

  • RFID SYSTEMS – Radio frequency identification is a wireless communication system. It typically uses electromagnetics to scan key fobs or cards for access.
  • Keypads – Keypads allow residents to enter a code for access. Some keypads work with mobile apps.
  • Smart Locks – Smart locks allow residents to access areas with a PIN code.
  • Smart Phone Access – Smartphones or tablets allow residents access via WiFi, Bluetooth, or apps. This is convenient for most people as you can quickly allow access for deliveries and guests,
  • Cloud-Based Access – This system stores access data in the cloud. If there is internet access, residents can access these secure areas. This flexible system adds features like remote access for visitors.


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