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Three-Phase Power Systems

In Canada, three-phase power is distributed in various voltages (120/208v, 240v, 480v, and 347/600v) at 60Hz. Three-phase electrical is a high-power version of the single-phase alternating current used in our homes. It is used in electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. It is the most common form of transmitted power worldwide. Three-phase power is used for industrial equipment, including heavy-duty motors and induction motors. It may also feed an apartment block or large commercial business, some of which are converted to a single phase with a step-down transformer.

A three-phase power supply without a neutral can transmit three times the power with 50% more wiring (3 rather than 2). This provides higher efficiency power with cleaner waveforms. Three electrical waveforms must be balanced to provide clean energy. The three voltage sources are phase-shifted 120° with respect to each other. This balances the load currents and provides optimal power. Each line has its own phase. If the phase is disrupted, it does not impact loads unless they are three-phase AC motors.

Power loss occurs when the three phases are not in perfect 120-degree phase angle synchronization. Phase rotation can change the direction of motors. It is accomplished by swapping any 2 of the three wire connections.

When three-phase equipment needs to operate on a single-phase power source, phase converters are used when three-phase power is not available. These rotary phase converters allow the frequency to be manipulated, allowing speed control. Overall, a three-phase power supply is more efficient, economical, and reliable than a single-phase power supply. This is probably why three-phase power is used worldwide.

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Three Phase Power, Motors, and Transformers:

There are many benefits to three-phase power:

  • Machinery is smaller than a single-phase for the same output rating.
  • No starter required. 
  • More efficient and cost less. 
  • Better power factor 
  • Require less conductor material.
  • Can transmit more power (up to 3x) than a single-phase system.
  • Equipment is lighter in weight.

The disadvantages of the three-phase include: 

  • If one phase fails, the entire unit needs to be replaced. 
  • Back-up equipment is more expensive. 

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