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Single-Phase Power Systems

The standard residential electrical service in Canada is 200 amps of 120v/240v 60 Hz power. This is a single-phase power system. Single-phase power is used in most homes and small businesses because it is inexpensive to install. Large commercial and industrial buildings with large electrical loads typically require three-phase power because it is more efficient and less expensive overall. Single-phase power is an alternating current (AC) power circuit composed of two wires.  One wire is neutral, and the other is typically the phase (also called the “active” wire). Current flows between the wires at all times. Single-phase power is less consistent than three-phase and more prone to dips and peaks in voltage. It also receives 1/3 of the power compared to a three-phase system. 

Electrical service is run to the home from the closest step-down transformer, usually located on a utility pole or ground (assuming underground power). Single-phase service is derived from a three-phase system. This service runs under the roof’s eave to the main circuit breaker panel. Single-phase power supplies are utilized for residential electrical loads. The main breaker supplies electrical breaker panels. Each breaker is tied to a circuit in your home that provides power to a room or part of an area in your home. Some circuits are dedicated to major appliances such as heating and air conditioning, stoves, refrigerators and dryers.

Single Phase Motors

There are two types of motors, a single-phase motor and a three-phase motor. Because they are exposed to a reduced electrical load, single-phase motors require less maintenance than three-phase motors. The construction of the motor is the same, except for the single-phase motor, which requires a starter.

Single-phase motors are used in equipment and machines that are smaller in size and require lower horsepower (for example, one horsepower). This includes pumps, refrigerators, fans, compressors, and portable drills.

There are many benefits to single-phase motors:
  • Inexpensive to manufacture.
  • Typically, it requires very little maintenance.
  • Durability.
The disadvantages of single-phase motors:
  • May occasionally run slow, overheat, or even fail to start.
  • Less efficient.
  • Provide pulsating power, which gives off vibration.
  • Require a starter.
  • Less consistent power.

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