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Commercial Electrical Service Upgrades

The electrical system is the heart of every commercial building. It keeps the lights on, the computers and copiers running, and the heating and air conditioning operational. As businesses grow, they require more power for these devices. And automation isn’t limited to the home. Many offices are adding more “smart” systems, including app-controlled blinds, video conferencing, and smart lighting. This adds to the overall power consumption of your building.

As a business owner, you know that ensuring workplace safety is imperative. Let the #1 rated electrical professionals at Blue Collar Electric help. Our licensed electricians are among the most trusted professionals in the country. Whether you need a 200-amp service upgrade or an outdated service replaced, give us a call.

Below are some of the signs you may need to upgrade your commercial electrical systems.

  • Computers do not have a separate circuit.
  • Electrical service panels are overheating.
  • Extension cords are frequently used
  • Insurance company requirements.
  • Missing dead front (so there are no live parts exposed to a person on the operating side of the equipment).
  • New equipment like copiers, computers, projectors, servers, or printers have been added.
  • Outdated and unsafe split bus panels or fuse boxes are still in use.
  • Renovation is planned for your office.
  • Wiring replacement is needed for aluminum wiring.
  • Your business has grown.
  • You need a 240-volt circuit added to your business.

Businesses using more and more electricity and electrical systems installed several decades ago are less capable of handling today’s electrical demand. Ensure your employees’ safety and your business’s growth – upgrade your commercial electrical service with Blue Collar Electric.

Why Blue Collar Electric?

We are rated #1 among Canada’s most reliable electrical contractors. For more than 16 years, we have taken pride in delivering the best electrical solutions to Edmonton, Alberta, Montreal, Quebec, and surrounding areas. Our team is here to help 24x7x365.

 Please allow us the opportunity to earn your business. Contact us today for more information about our wide variety of services.