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Electrical Panel Installation

The electric panel controls all of your home’s electrical wiring and power. These panels are typically located in your garage or basement. Opening the panel door, two columns of breaker switches should control electricity to various circuits in your home. Hopefully, they are labelled for the different areas of your home. These breaker switches can be reset when you overload a circuit. If the circuit breaker doesn’t reset, unplug all the devices in that circuit and plug them back in one by one – you may have a damaged device. Otherwise, you may have a bad breaker or other electrical problems.
Some older homes may have what is called a “fuse box.” It is sometimes located inside an electrical panel or on the home’s exterior. Most fuse boxes have screw-in fuses with a glass window. Older fuses are cylinders that fit between two brackets. This style panel indicates that you probably need to replace it with a modern electrical breaker panel.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

You may wish to upgrade or replace your electrical panels for several reasons. This may include:

Breaker box is full, and you require additional circuits.
Breakers are tripping.
Electrical panel is buzzing or making crackling noises.
Electrical panel feels warm.
House is 20 years or older.
Insurance company requests an upgrade.
Lights flicker or dim regularly or when using appliances.
You have an outdated fuse box.

Adding an Electrical Panel

There are times when it is evident that an additional electrical panel is required for extra electrical load. This may include:
  • Adding a hot tub
  • Adding a pool
  • Adding a sauna
  • Adding a workshop onto your garage
  • Adding an addition to your home
  • Expanding your outdoor decorations
  • Installing air conditioning
  • Installing an electric car charger
  • Renovating your basement

Electrical Panel and Electrical Service Upgrade Considerations:

  • Hire an electrical contractor who is experienced, licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • Your electrical contractor should specialize in electrical panel and service upgrades.
  • Hire a reputable electrical contractor. Check their reviews.
  • Prepare a list of questions for the electrical contractor.
  • Ask the electrical contractor to justify the need for the additional work.
  • Ask your electrical contractor for a load calculation according to the Canadian Electrical Code. These calculations show how much surplus electrical capacity you will have after the upgrade.
The professionals at Blue Collar Electric are prepared for your questions and welcome informed customers.

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