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Home Automation

Home automation is a relatively new technology for automatically controlling electronic devices in your home. You can easily control much of your home with your smartphone, tablet, computer, or voice-controlled device. These “smart homes’ have a tremendous number of applications with new features being added regularly. Connectivity is key with many of the goods provided today. Your home is no exception.
Home automation works through a network of intelligent devices connected to the Internet through different communication protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee, and others. Hard wiring is also used with several items where wireless communication is difficult or undesirable. In addition to Smartphone & tablet apps, these devices can be managed remotely through a voice assistant like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. Many devices include sensors that monitor motion, temperature, and light changes so the user can optimize their surroundings.

Importance Of This Service
The main reason consumers prefer the automation of smart homes is comfort, convenience, and security. The list of items that can be controlled with home automation systems is growing daily. This includes:

  • Thermostats
  • Door Bell Cameras
  • Garage Door
  • Smart Lighting, including LED colour-changing lights
  • Door Locks
  • Lawn Irrigation
  • Intercom
  • Universal Remote Control
  • Voice Control (Alexa, Google, Siri, etc.)
  • Security Cameras
  • Audio Systems and Speakers
  • Medical Care
  • Blinds
  • Voice Activated Appliances
  • Smoke & Co2 Detectors
Home automation is an area that is constantly improving and expanding into new devices. And with improved internet security and cloud-based storage, your information is safe. Examples: With smart homes, there are a wide variety of applications. Here are a few examples:
  • Open your garage for a delivery, monitor the delivery with your camera, and then close the garage
  • Adjust your thermostat to cool or heat your home when occupied
  • Water your lawn to an established schedule and pause during rainy days
  • Set mood lighting to different colours
  • Turn your music with a simple voice command
  • Easily record TV shows and control your entertainment center
  • Turn on lights and unlock your doors and open the garage with geofencing, which senses your proximity to your home.
  • Speak to family members in another room without yelling (intercom)
  • Sound-activated lighting that is coordinated with your entertainment system TV and music for a nightclub atmosphere

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