Save Money on Your Commercial Utility Bills

Commercial Buildings

Blue Collar Electric works with a great range of commercial clients. Maintaining a commercial space can be difficult, and sometimes, expensive. A few simple upgrades might put you back a little today, but they’ll certainly pay off in the long run. Check out our top tips for saving money on your commercial utility bills.

  1. 1. Switch to LEDs.

LEDs are energy-efficient. While slightly more expensive up front, they will last far longer and don’t let off heat. If you’re currently using incandescent lights, you’ll find your LEDs lasting up to 50% longer!

  1. 2. Switch to energy-efficient appliances.

Old appliances are energy-suckers – especially older model appliances. If your appliances are old and well-loved, replace them with new energy-efficient versions. You’ll find the cost coming back to you in your monthly utility bills!

  1. 3. Renovate with more windows.

If you’re about to renovate an older space, it may be wise to have more windows put in to reduce the amount of lighting you need. However, ensure you choose well-insulated windows from a qualified installer. Otherwise, you might end up paying even more in utilities thanks to temperature transfer.

  1. 4. Have your HVAC set up with zoning.

Just like electricity, heating and cooling have a significant impact on your monthly costs. When you have your HVAC system updated, ask for a cost-analysis for switching to zoning. Zoning allows you to set different temperatures for different areas of the building. So, if you have an area that loses heat and cold (such as a warehouse space with an overhead door that opens and closes frequently), you can zone your system so that your warehouse doesn’t suck too much power. As an added benefit, zoning will help keep employees and customers happy with perfect and customized temperatures!

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