Why Are My Lights Flickering?

A Quick Diagnosis Guide for Flickering Lights

With Halloween on the way, you might wonder if it’s a ghoul playing a prank on you. We’re here to assure you it’s not! Flickering lights may not be any cause for worry, but it could be your electrical system begging for an upgrade.

Here’s how we can help diagnose it for now. Let’s start with a question:

Do all of your lights flicker? Or are they only flickering in one room or fixture of your house?

Flickering Lights One Room or Fixture

If only one light in your house flickers, it could simply be the connection between the socket and the light bulb. An experienced electrician can help you troubleshoot the problem and fix it up in no time.

Flickering Lights Throughout Your Home
If your house lights flicker randomly and the problem isn’t contained to a single fixture or area, it’s time to call the electrician. This is a symptom of a larger problem in your breaker or system.


Next, let’s see if there are other factors that could be causing your lights to flicker:

Flickering when Appliances Are Turned On

If your lights only seem to dim when a large appliance is turned on, this isn’t unusual. It’s simply the result of a motor switching on. This takes up significantly more power from the circuit. In most cases, the warmup stage of the appliance will cause lights to flicker, but once it’s running at speed, your lights will return to normal. If it’s really bothering you, moving large appliances onto their own circuits can help reduce or eliminate the problem.

Flickering Lights in Older Homes

Lights flickering in a new home are nothing to shake your head at, but in older homes, it may be a sign of something more ominous at play. If your lights flicker regularly without any linked cause, be sure to have a master electrician examine your home’s wiring system. He or she will search for faulty wiring first, which is the main cause of house fires. We have plenty of master electricians at Blue Collar who would be happy to provide an inspection of your home’s electrical system. Call us any time!