What Are the Three Types of Lighting?


Lighting is important for your home or workplace, but what type of lighting do you need? Of course, there are thousands of lightbulbs, light fixtures, and lighting options to choose from. But most of these fall into three distinct categories. This easy categorization can help you choose the lights that work best for your home or commercial space.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the most typically lighting we expect to see in a home or commercial space. Ambient lighting creates a uniform level of light throughout a room. It allows you to see an entire space and move around and view everything easily. Usually, ambient lighting is overhead. This ensures all light filters throughout a room to cover more space, particularly at eye level.

Task Lighting 

Task lighting is typically more spatially limited than ambient lighting. Task lighting does exactly what it sounds like – it helps you complete specific tasks like cooking, reading, writing, and sewing. Unlike ambient lighting, it often only extends to a limited space. When we think of task lighting, we usually think of lamps. It may also extend to track lighting, and often, task lighting is also dimmable.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is typically used to draw attention to a specific space or feature. It can highlight a piece of artwork or a design element in a room, and it’s typically about three times brighter than ambient lighting. Accent lighting can help stylize a room, while adding to the overall ambient lighting. Accent lighting is usually able to be directed to a specific area, and it’s often achieved using wall-mounted lights. Accent lighting can also be used creatively with colourful LED lights or LED ropes.


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