Five Reasons NOT to DIY Your Electrical Repairs

Five Reasons NOT to DIY Your Electrical Repairs
There are some home improvements that are best left to the experts. Slip-ups during electrical DIYs can be costly, dangerous, and even deadly. Blue Collar Electric’s Eric Fitzgerald shares five reasons why you should always call a qualified electrician to handle your electrical upgrades.

So, you have a wiring problem.

It’s likely that your first instinct will be to run a Google search to find the source of the problem. There’s no crime in probing for answers and staying educated. The true dilemma begins somewhere between pages three and four of the Google search, which is when you’ll probably be offered several guides on how to patch up the issue on your own. At that point it’s left to you to decide whether you’re going to call an electrician, or attempt it yourself.

Household DIYs range widely in the skillsets they require. If you’re talking about fixing your deck, or cleaning out your furnace, a YouTube video might do the trick. On the other hand, electrical work requires specialized knowledge about electrical systems and the hazards they pose. Consider these potential risks before breaking out the wire cutters:

1. Mistakes can be fatal

Electrical DIYs are not only dangerous; they’re potentially deadly. The risk of electrocution or fire is always present when dealing with electrical systems. Only a trained electrician knows how to properly mitigate those risks for specific situations. Before you begin, ask yourself: Are you willing to put your life in danger? Your family’s lives? If that’s not enough to have you setting down your tools and calling a qualified electrical company like Blue Collar Electric right now, here are four more reasons not to DIY your electrical upgrades:

2. Mistakes will cost you time and money

Even the simplest household electrical project can present multiple challenges, which in turn lead to costly mistakes. Eric and the Blue Collar Electric team have seen the regret in their clients’ eyes countless times after a DIY took a turn for the worse. Paying someone to reverse a failed attempt can be avoided by hiring someone from the outset.

3. Diagnostic ability

If you were having heart problems, you would only trust a certified cardiologist to tell you what’s wrong and how to fix it, right? That’s because a cardiologist has been thoroughly educated and trained to know everything about your heart. When it comes to electrical work, only a trained electrician can fully diagnose a problem, and understand how to fix it efficiently and safely. A YouTube video might give you a great overview, but once you really dig in, there are bound to be some surprises. Skip the hassle of a crash course and learning the hard way, and hire someone who has years of experience backing up their work.

4. You are sacrificing your legal protection

Many DIY jobs are not only ill-advised; they’re illegal. There’s a reason skilled electricians go to school for years to be able to execute their craft properly. Proper electrical work means that the job complies with the Canadian Electrical Code. If you don’t know the Electrical Code and how it applies to your house and specific situation, then your work will not hold up to an inspection, which makes it illegal (not to mention dangerous). If injuries, fire, or any other mishap results from the work, you may be held personally liable. Instead, hire a company with WCB and insurance coverage.

5. Selling your house will be problematic

Doing your own electrical work may save you a modest sum at the time of the renovation, but hefty fees await down the road when you want to sell your home. If your electrical work is not completed according to code, your home likely won’t pass an inspection. By doing the work yourself, you aren’t just putting off paying for an electrician; when you want to sell, an electrician will have to first tear out the work you’ve done and replace it with work done to code.

The best rule of thumb when it comes to an electrical DIY – and any DIY, for that matter – is to assess your level of experience before starting out. Even issues that seem trivial, like electrical panel maintenance or lighting installation, can go terribly wrong without an experienced set of eyes. If you aren’t sure you know exactly what you’re doing and how to do it safely, you need to call an expert.

Blue Collar Electric’s qualified electricians follow the highest industry standard safety practices, and always provide quality service and work. They’ll save you time, money, and risk when handling your household electrical repairs. Call Eric at 780-239- 2728 to receive a free estimate for your home improvement project.

By Danielle Mohr: Fine Point Writing & Editing (finepointwriting.ca)