Five Electrifying MythBusters Episodes

Five Electrifying MythBusters Episodes



MythBusters ended their 14-year run on Discovery last year. In celebration of their glorious years of dedication to science, we’ve rounded up their best experiments in the realm of electricity. From explosions to various death scenarios, there’s a definite theme of danger to these videos. These brave experimenters play with giant tesla coils, static electricity, and water guns to bust or confirm common electrical myths. You may even be surprised by some of the results!

Click on the links to view the videos and find out which myths were busted!



Can Appliances in the Bath Kill You?

The MythBusters take on this common myth, questioning whether appliances in the bathtub will kill you outright. Far from busted, they find out which appliances will incapacitate you, which will kill you most easily and why, and whether additives like bath salts and bubble bath increase your risk of electrocution, or decrease it.


Could a Giant Van de Graaff Generator Kill You?

Aside from making your hair stand on end and transferring minor shocks, the MythBusters wanted to know if a giant version of a Van de Graaff generator could be potentially dangerous. No test dummies required for this episode; the crew puts on their brave faces to test it out themselves.


Could Peeing on the Third Rail Kill You?

According to this myth, a man wandered into railyard after a night of drinking and was electrocuted when he peed onto the third (electrified) rail. Jamie and Adam construct a urinating dummy to test the myth, and prove that it can be true. But are the strict conditions required likely to occur naturally? You’ll have to decide if this myth is thoroughly debunked, or just unlikely.


Can a Cell Phone or Static Electricity Cause a Gas Station Fire?

As in all the best MythBusters episodes, this experiment comes with a host of excellent explosions, and a good deal of singed hair. Jamie and Adam start in the lab, and graduate to a full-scale reproduction with firefighters on hand.


The Mythbusters Lightning Gun

This gun is straight out of science fiction. Using a giant Tesla coil, the MythBusters direct a lightning bolt using a stream of water from a water gun.



By Danielle Mohr: Fine Point Writing & Editing (finepointwriting.ca)