Fashionable Light Fixtures to Suit Any Style


Does your lighting match and enhance your decor?

If you’re building a new home, or redesigning your current abode, remember that a great lighting plan can put the final polishing touch on your design choices. Check out some of our favourite options for stylish light fixtures to get your creative juices flowing:




 Search for simple hanging fixtures featuring exposed bulbs, or clear glass sconces. For added style, secure a series of variously sized bulbs in a row.

Retro 1 \lamp-shades-1839738_1920  Retro 2


 Ultra-white bulbs and frosted glass combine to create a bright ambience. Many fixtures contain multiple lights in similar, evenly spaced shapes, such as this round ball chandelier.

Modern 2   Modern 1  lamp-1681183_1920


 Optimal for relaxation, “barely there” lighting distributes light evenly, but without all the flash. In-ceiling pot lights can also provide soft lighting across a room, without drawing the eye.

Minimalist 2  lighting-1246305_1920

Trendy/New Age

These trendy pieces are all about thought-provoking shapes. Curved metal designs, or delicately wrought geometrics are fascinating to look at, and a running wall lamp makes a great art piece.

Trendy 1  Trendy2  lighting-2007658_1920


Ultra-glam fixtures like these use glitter, beads, and stones to play with light. From glittering light covers, to sparkling chandeliers and lamps, styles like these will catch and excite the eye.

Glam 1  apartment-1851201_1920  crystal-chandelier-from-the-czech-republic-1053325_1920


Conventional fixtures draw on the patterned, colourful style of decades past. Stained glass patterns and textured glass add subtly enchanting detail.

Traditional 1  Traditional 2  Traditional 3

Country Rustic

Sturdy and simple in style, and functional in design. Worn metal works well in kitchens with a rustic edge. For outdoors, string-ball lights (also known as cotton ball lights) create a whimsical look, and you can even DIY them. Find out how here.

Rustic 3   Rustic 2   Rustic 1 

By Danielle Mohr: Fine Point Writing & Editing (finepointwriting.ca)