Childproofing Your Home to Prevent Electric Shocks

Learn How to Keep Your Kids Safe

Whenever our electricians step into a client’s home, we want to make sure our work is as safe as possible. That includes protecting kids and pets from dangerous shocks. We have kids too, so we know how important this is!

  1. 1. Don’t use extension cords.

Extension cords can be hazardous to children and pets alike. Prevent them from chewing on cords, playing with cords, and even tripping over cords by doing away with extension cords. Instead, have your local licensed electrician add more outlets when needed. If you must use an extension cord, ensure it is properly secured and be sure to supervise your kids when they’re near the cord. Always replace frayed wires immediately.

  1. 2. Use covers on electrical outlets.

Childproof outlet plugs can prevent kids from sticking fingers and objects into outlets. These are relatively inexpensive to purchase, and they can save your child’s life! You can also remove your outlet cover and replace it with a spring-loaded protection cover which snaps back automatically when the outlet is not in use. You can also buy power strip covers and outlet covers that prevent children from removing cords from outlets.

  1. 3. Teach your children about electrical safety.

As your children get older, removing an electrical outlet cover becomes easy. To lessen the risk that your child will experiment with outlets, explain the basics of electricity and tell them what can and can’t be put into a socket. Show them how to plug and unplug cords safely, and explain why they should never play with cords or appliances.

  1. 4. Inspect for safety hazards before allowing a child to play in a room or space.

Always consider safety risks for kids before they play in a new area or room. Identifying risks ahead of time can save you from scary emergency room trips. Try to remove any risks and always supervise your kids when there are risks you can’t avoid.

  1. 5. If your child or pet receives a shock, seek medical care immediately.

Shocks can be dangerous. Since the damage is typically done internally, it can be difficult to determine whether there’s an ongoing risk. Always check in with your doctor if you suspect your child had received a shock – even if it’s minor. Shocks can cause surface burns, brain damage, and heart damage.


If you have more questions about babyproofing your home’s electrical systems, talk to one of Blue Collar Electric’s qualified electricians today.